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Update Mar.20th 2022

Full Implementation of the 13th Amendment 


Nov 30th.2020

(PDF) Nagas & Tamil in Eastern Lanka




Update Aug 3rd.2020


Elections Speech




Update July 26th 2020 

Elections 2020

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Manifesto (pdf download)(July 2020)


Poster (pdf download)



Update Mar 01st 2016


Proposal submitted to the Public Representation Committee on Constitutional Reforms (February 2016)


Update Feb 26st 2016

13th Amendment back in the limelight (The Hundu January 21st 2016)


Secretary to India installed NEPC Speaks out (The Island 20 January 2016)


13-A Back in the Spotlight- (Sunday Leader 17 January 2016)


Vishnu Gupta Answers 57 (follow this link)




Update October 26th 2013

The name of Akhila Ilankai Tamil United Front (AITUF) has been changed to Akhila Ilankai Tamil Mahasabha (AITM). The change has been approved by the Commissioner of Elections of Sri Lanka on 30th September 2013


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October 23rd 2013